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 Ukraine, March 2015 (Video)
16/03/2015 10:53:47 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

For 24 years David Hathaway has ministered in Ukraine, first in Rovno in 1991, then in 1992, four times in a little village called Mayaki, near Odessa, where we saw twenty-thousand people gathered to hear the Gospel. Then, by a miracle, in 1992 and 1993, David was the first evangelist to take the Dynamo Stadium and the Sports Palace in Kiev for evangelism! At that time, there was one small Spirit-filled independent church in Ukraine of about 100 people. They stood with David in faith that God would do the impossible - and He did! Between May and October 1994 we held twenty-seven 17-day crusades in Belarus, Siberia and Ukraine; preaching 5 days out of 7, travelling enormous distances. We saw 100,000 saved! After all this evangelism there was an explosion of church growth in Kiev until some of the largest churches in all Europe were in Ukraine!

We need to pray for Ukraine. As recently as three years ago, David was still ministering in the cities which are now war zones. God opened the door for evangelism in 1991 but now that door is closing fast. Many areas are impossible to enter due to this armed conflict. In a letter dated 4 April 1991 David wrote, "There is a threat of a tremendous backlash in Eastern Europe to the freedom movement which may result in a greater repression..." He said at the time "God has commanded me to get in there with the Gospel fast, and work while it is still day." That day has now passed for large parts of Russia and Ukraine.

We are so thankful that God gave us the opportunity to preach Jesus throughout Ukraine, Russia and Siberia. - At least they have heard the Truth, before it was too late.

This song is our prayer for Ukraine, as you listen to this song pray with us: 'Spirit move over me, make this nation, my life whole again.' Only the gentle power of the Holy Spirit can mend broken hearts, bring peace and restoration; the Spirit will make you whole again, enabling you to face the future with hope and confidence. 

Salvation Church, Second Meeting, 15 March 2015

Salvation Church, First Meeting, 15 March 2015

Kiev Word of Life Church, 14 March 2015

Belaya Tserkov Word of Life Church, 12 March Service:

Emmanuel Church Kiev, 11 March Service:

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Ukraine, March 2015

Ukraine, March 2015In March we held our first meetings in Ukraine for three years. We were both shocked and encouraged by what we found: shocked by the level of suffering and the bitterness of the opposing groups, brother against brother, Russian against Ukrainian. Death and destruction, poverty and hunger. But on the other side encouraged, it's like going back 20 years, people more open to receive Christ than when freedom first came after the collapse of communism! In one of the meetings in a town outside Kiev, people had travelled 15 hours to come from inside the war zone of Donetsk, and then had to travel back that night so they could safely cross the 'border' in daylight the following day. Some of the pastors believe that we shall see an even greater revival now than we saw in those earlier years!

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