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 Germany, August 2015 (Video)
11/08/2015 14:44:38 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

The Vietnamese Summer Camp in East Germany has become one of the highlights of David's spiritual year, this was the seventh year in a row. There is something about the depth of longing for God that David sees in their faces and hears in their voices as they worship God, that draws the best out of him. Once again 600 Vietnamese refugees came together from all over Europe to grow in their faith and to prepare themselves for the day when Communist Vietnam will finally be open to the preaching of the Gospel in the nation's largest stadiums.

David gave three inspirational but simple messages which will plant the Word of God deeper into your own heart and enable you to see in your own life, the fulfilment of David's own boyhood vision and heart's desire - to see the power and glory here on earth! - Just as David in the Psalms longed and yearned for - Psalm 63:1-2!

Wednesday 5 August
Expect miracles! - Everyone of you! ASK! Jesus said to His disciples, "Ask the Father in My Name and He will give you what you ask!" It's that simple! - This is the secret. When Jesus came to earth, He gave up everything He had in Heaven, became a man and lived just like us! He left all the power in Heaven behind! - So how did He work the miracles? - He had to talk with His Father in prayer! - His power came from His relationship with His Father! If we want the power of God in our lives, we have to do what Jesus did, we have to talk to the Father and ask for the power! - Then do what Jesus did! God will do everything you believe He can do!

Thursday 6 August, morning meeting
The purpose of evangelism is first, to bring people to Christ for the forgiveness of sin, but second, to demonstrate publicly how powerful Jesus is, the power of His Word, how great our God is! One of the purposes of evangelism is to demonstrate to the world, in the words of the song, 'How great is our God'! There will come a time soon when we must issue the same challenge to the world that Elijah did! We're not a Christian just to live a better life, but to tell others about Jesus - He's the only way. "If hell is worse than my communist prison, " David said, "then I want to spend my life to save men and women from hell. With Christ you live, without Him, you die! The whole world must hear about Jesus, must see His power!"

Thursday 6 August, evening meeting
Get a vision of God. Get a vision of the need of the world. And get a vision of what God can do through your life. Proverbs 29:18 says, 'Without a vision, the people perish.' I want you to understand the power of a vision. Live your Christian life with a vision of what God can do! Without a vision and a purpose you will achieve nothing for God. I want to leave you with a clear vision that will live with you for the rest of your life. First, get a vision of God, of His power and glory, search for Him with all your heart like David in the Old Testament did, get a vision of His glory here on earth. (Psalm 63:1-2.) Second, get a vision of the world - stop thinking about yourself. What drove Jesus, what made Him go to the cross, why did He preach the Gospel, heal the sick? - He loved the sinner! - You may say, it's not yet time for harvest. But Jesus said, "I see it differently, the fields are ready for harvest now!" And finally, get a vision of what God can do through you! God has already given everyone of you everything you need to preach the Gospel, heal the sick, raise the dead! And if you say, you don't have it - ASK FOR IT!


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