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 Slovakia, September 2015 (Video)
17/09/2015 10:37:02 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

David has just completed 3-day evangelism and ministry in Slovakia. It far exceeded everyone's expectations! Its impact reached beyond the capital city of Bratislava to the whole nation, thanks to the coverage by the Official News Agency of the Slovak Republic (, and to two main TV channels (TV Central and TV Bratislava). These 2 channels broadcast live the whole of the VIP meeting on the Friday night, and the packed evangelism in the Expo Arena on the Saturday! So many guests (members of parliament, MEP, business and cultural elite) came, that many stood throughout the 3 hours of worship, preaching and ministry. None were in a hurry to leave at the end!

The arena was also packed to overflowing, buses having brought thousands of unbelievers from all over the country - and even from neighbouring countries. Headphones and translations were organised for everyone who came from outside Slovakia. The tangible presence of God was so great after the preaching and then the first healing miracles, that again the people didn't want to leave. And the people told us that the Presence of the Lord remained like a cloud in the arena after David had gone. Powerful miracles of healing continued - in that atmosphere it was easy for outstanding miracles to happen as people prayed individually for the sick. One little boy with deformed feet who had never walked was carried forward for prayer - and immediately stood and took his first steps! 

One pastor from Katowice came to see David after the evangelism. He said he was so touched by the effectiveness of David's ministry in Poland last year, he didn't want to miss out on the opportunity once again to participate in such a great Gospel event. He told us that after the evangelism last year, they personally opened 3 new churches from the unbelievers that had brought in the buses! And for months afterwards people were coming and telling of the miracles they had received. So this year he organised and brought 21 buses from Poland, 1000 people!

We could not run such effective evangelism without the active part played by the churches who engage in street evangelism and ministry months in advance - one ministry fielded 700 volunteers! And the work continues after we have gone!

David held a press conference ahead of his evangelistic meetings here in Bratislava. Present were journalists from newspapers, magazines and TV companies, and it was filmed by TV Central and TV Bratislava. David said, "It is the plan of God that I am here at this particular time, and it is reflected in what will happen in the meetings. I paid a price to be here today - I am not just someone from the outside, but I have come the hard way, through one of your prisons under communism. This did not make me bitter, but filled me with the love of God for you. When God sent His Son, He sat in a prison like mine, He became personally involved with our suffering - this fills me with a passion." 

David was welcomed as a 'bridge between nations and denominations' - a ministry 'dedicated to the unity of Christians around the Cross where together we find Life'. All local denominations within the country took part. 

At the very end, one of the leading pastors who participated with his church in the preparation of the evangelism said, "Thank you David for bringing God's heart - the fullness of God's heart!"

Friday 11 September Service:

Saturday 12 September Service:

Sunday 13 September Service:

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Slovakia, September 2015

Slovakia, September 2015

The 3-day evangelism and ministry in Slovakia exceeded everyone's expectations. Broadcast live on the 2 main national TV channels, standing room only Friday and Saturday nights, the tangible presence of God was so great, the people didn't want to leave afterwards, and powerful miracles of healing continued after the official close of the meeting.

At the end one of the leading pastors said to David, 'Thank you for bringing God's heart - the fullness of God's heart!'

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