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 Believe the Word
14/08/2017 14:14:29 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

How difficult it is to really believe; to take Jesus at His Word often requires a faith beyond our ability to believe. I believe in prayer and in a God of miracles, but when I was diagnosed with lung cancer in December 2002, I was faced with a challenge: do I really believe God or not?

Believing in God is not something intellectual, it is real and practical; if you are a believer in the Words of Jesus, your life is the evidence of that belief. I believe in God, I believe in Jesus Christ, but more than that, I know Jesus is the Son of God, I know Jesus is alive. I know Jesus heals the sick because He has healed me twice of cancer. I know He works miracles because He set me free from a communist prison. We need to turn what we believe into something we KNOW!

I would say that if you want to please God, there is one thing that gives more glory to God than anything else, one thing that will please Him more than anything else. Even in human relationships, whether in marriage or in business or just in friendship, if that relationship is not built on a mutual trust between the partners, sooner or later it will fail. Yet that trust is probably one of the hardest things to establish and the easiest to lose. When you say that you believe God, when you have faith in Him (Hebrews 11:6), it means you trust Him more than anybody in Heaven or on earth. This brings more glory to God than anything else, because it is the only basis of a permanent lasting relationship and means you are saying to Him, "I know You cannot fail me, because You are God!" When you really believe what He says, this will change your life.

'The official pleaded, "Lord, please come now before my little boy dies." Then Jesus told him, "Go back home. Your son will live!" And the man believed what Jesus said and started home. While the man was on his way, some of his servants met him with the news that his son was alive and well. He asked them when the boy begun to get better, and they replied, "Yesterday afternoon at one o'clock his fever suddenly disappeared!" Then the father realised that that was the very time Jesus had told him, "Your son will live." And he and his entire household believed in Jesus.' (John 4:49-53)

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