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 Days of Prayer
04/09/2017 13:26:09 GMT
Written by Admin

Seven times King and Parliament called the United Kingdom to prayer during WWII. Seven times the whole nation turned out and filled the churches, including those who had not been to church in years and those who had never been. Each time God answered by a remarkable miracle of deliverance. These are desperate times spiritually in Britain. Once again the lights are going out all over Europe, this time with a spiritual vacuum. Just as it was the economic situation in the 1930s which fomented the situation, today it is the economic and spiritual. The rise of a godless economic structure, and the spiritual vacuum of our 'post-Christian' society are allowing a flood-tide of secularism and religious extremism to threaten our very heritage. 

Our only hope is through prayer - as in the war when God answered. He will again today - but we need to call every Christian, every concerned individual to pray. Pray at home, in your church, in groups in your town or city, join a national prayer group. Your prayer is effective. 

We are very close now to our own UK Day of Prayer, Worship and Fasting on September 8th. We are thrilled with the response, and want to thank everyone who is making the effort to attend. We also want to thank all those who are holding meetings all around the country and beyond. So, our hearts can be united, whether in London or elsewhere, we are giving a brief overview of the day...

The time will be divided into 2-hour slots, each will begin with worship. We are following the Biblical pattern of prayer in Nehemiah 1, which came from a heart burdened for his nation in a time of fast. The pattern was:
1. Worship
2. Repentance
3. Returning God's Word as a basis for mercy
4. Request

Join with us for a Day of Prayer, Worship and Fasting on Friday 8 September, 10:30am-8.00pm. For a prayer guide on how to pray for Britain click here

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