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 Prayer for Britain
07/09/2017 13:53:44 GMT
Written by Admin

Prayer for Britain: "Lord we've been so far from You, caught up in the cares of life. Our hearts have been so very full Lord, filled with trouble and strife. We have turned our eyes away from You Lord, knowing that we've needed You. Lord we need the fire of Your Spirit to bring revival to our lives. Calling from the depths of our spirits, igniting all the things we hide. Jesus bring Your presence, fire deep inside."

Day of Prayer for Britain, Friday 8 September, 10.30am-8.00pm: Many who carry a burden for our nation have set time aside to pray and seek the face of the Lord. 'If My people...' What a need to humble ourselves, to repent, to turn and see the Church rise up with a voice again!! We have certainly grieved the holy heart of the Lord in so many ways. This day, we are believing, will be a turning point upon which we can continue to build.

The time will be divided into four major sections, though each will contain worship, repentance and prayer. The sections are, in this way, following the Biblical pattern of Nehemiah chapter 1. We will cover as major issues: 1) Government, Theresa May, Brexit. 2) Reformation of the Church, a wake-up call to be salt and light. 3) Unity of UK between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and 4) For our nation to return to her God-given destiny among the nations, especially regarding Israel.

Many national leaders will be present adding their voices in calling to the Lord for mercy. Will you join with us and add your voice to this day of united prayer? There is no distance in prayer, so please pray at home either by yourself or join with friends to intercede for our nation. As the venue is now full, we would encourage you to pray in groups for the nation. For more information on how to pray during this Day of Prayer please click here


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