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 Our relationship with Jesus
13/09/2017 14:09:07 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

We all want to receive God's blessing. So often we read in the Gospels how Jesus would visit people's homes; He would fellowship with them, taking time to understand the needs of the people around Him. It is the same in our lives today. Just as Jesus related to ordinary people as His friends, so He wants to be your friend too. He's concerned about you. 

In 2 Chronicles 7:12 it says: 'The Lord appeared to Solomon by night, and said unto him, I have heard your prayer...' When you are in a crisis what you need more than anything is to hear the voice of God talking. All of us have to choose whose voice we are going to listen to; we have to follow the voice of God and not the voice of men. Too often as believers we want 'words of knowledge' spoken over us, somebody to tell us what God is saying. But if God is going to talk to me, He will speak to me directly! If I haven't got a relationship where I can meet and talk with Him, and He talks back, then there is something wrong in my spiritual life! Yes, if someone confirms what God has said, hallelujah, I'll accept that. But I've had so many people speaking 'prophecies' over me that if I had followed the direction spoken by these so-called prophets, I would have been tossed by every wind of change, like a rudderless ship. 

You may ask, "How can I know what He wants? I keep asking Him, but I don't get any answers." With a married couple, the wife doesn't ask the husband every day, "What do you want?" If there is a right relationship between them, the wife knows what the husband wants, and the husband knows what pleases his wife. You begin to think alike, you want the same things, you do the same things, and you go to the same places. When you know God, when you have a close relationship with Him, you don't have to be always asking, "O God, what do You want? Do I do this or that?" If you have the Holy Spirit within you, you will know the mind and the will of God (1 Corinthians 2:9-16). When you really know Him, when you live with Him, when you walk every day in the Spirit, you know what God wants. You may ask, 'How can I know Him?' We know Him through the His Word. Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would teach and remind us of everything He has said (John 14:26). We need to treasure the Bible just as a couple treasures each other's love letters!

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