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 A God of miracles
13/11/2017 14:42:14 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

I believe in the Bible; I believe in the power and authority of the Bible. The Bible is the Word of the Living God - it gives us comfort and strength; it becomes a rock in our lives, the foundation upon which we build. The God of the Bible is so real to us.

In John 9 it says, 'As Jesus went along, he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked Him, "Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?"'

What a question to ask, here is a man who is born blind, and the first question that is asked is very extreme. The disciples were trying to find out who was responsible for this man's predicament. So, they began to ask this question: Who sinned? This is an accusation. It is an accusation that the blindness is a result of sin. So, they began to say, who did it? It is so easy in our moments of crisis to blame somebody else. But how could that man have sinned? His blindness began even before his birth. Somehow during his development in the womb something had gone wrong. From the moment he was born he could not see. Jesus was very straight and clear, and very simple, He said the blindness was not caused by the man nor his parents - in effect Jesus said to His disciples, "this man has a problem and I want to show you the power of God to solve that problem." And that is what Jesus did, He took clay, He spat on it, He put it on the man's eyes, and He sent the man to go and wash. The Bible says as the man began to wash his face, his sight returned. It was a miracle. That man born blind could now see perfectly. 

The wonder and the glory of God is this, if you are going to believe in Him, if you are going to believe in the God of the Bible, you must believe in a God of miracles. The first miracle you must believe is that God raised Jesus from the dead; and from that miracle, we believe God is able to solve every problem in our lives when we come to Him in prayer.

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