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 Jesus healed them all
08/01/2018 16:13:52 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

'The whole multitude sought to touch Him: for there went virtue out of Him, and He healed them all' (Luke 6:19).

As a result of that touch, the Bible says Jesus healed them all. Not a small number; sometimes the Bible is so clear, it says Jesus healed every one of them. That is the miracle. This is the message of hope and deliverance. I remember when I was preaching in the Crimea; many of you will know of the city of Yalta. I spoke in a circus; God worked so many miracles; you don't have to be in a special building, the power of God is everywhere. I was talking about Jesus. I told them about the love and power of God. I told them how Jesus works miracles today. I remember that the first people healed were two men. We later discovered they were 70-years-old and twins. The first one had a broken leg. He could only walk with crutches. I remember that I prayed with the first of these brothers. The crippled man didn't understand the miracle which was happening. His twin brother was standing behind him. When I said to the first one, "Look, Jesus has healed you, you can throw away your crutches and walk", that other man, who was standing behind his brother, took his own crutches, and began to push his 70-year-old brother in the back, and without any encouragement from me, said, "It's the Power of Jesus; walk, it's a miracle. Jesus has touched you!" And the twin walked! He was completely healed. The other twin pushed the first one aside and came forward, and God healed him too. That is the Power of God.

I am talking about Jesus. The Jesus who is so demonstrative. The people knew that if they came near and touched Him, that this Jesus would heal them; they knew that some power, some blessing, would pass from Jesus into them. It is said in the Bible that virtue, power, came out of Jesus and entered into the people.

The Jesus of the Bible is still alive. He is here to meet with you. It is not just a question of you searching to find Jesus. The Bible says He has come looking for you. He wants to come into your life. To come into your home. He wants to bring blessing. He wants to bring a message of hope and forgiveness. A message of power, healing and deliverance. Not just a religious hope. I am not talking about religion. I am talking about Jesus. Jesus is not religion. He is above religion. No religion can claim Jesus as their own. He belongs to you. He belongs to us all. He loves you. He wants to speak to you: He wants to tell you that there is forgiveness for every sin; He wants to tell you that there is life after death; He wants to speak to the poor and to the rich; to those with beautiful homes and to those who are homeless; to those who are young and strong, but also to the sick and cripple; for everyone, He has a message of deliverance.

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