Look to Jesus
18/09/2017 14:39:25 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

In your time of need, call upon the Name of Jesus, He will answer you. The Psalmist said, 'I sought the Lord and He answered me: those who look to Him are radiant.'


 Our relationship with Jesus
13/09/2017 14:09:07 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

We all want to receive God's blessing. So often we read in the Gospels how Jesus would visit people's homes; He would fellowship with them, taking time to understand the needs of the people around Him. It is the same in our lives today.


 Prayer for Britain
07/09/2017 13:53:44 GMT
Written by Admin

Prayer for Britain: "Lord we've been so far from You, caught up in the cares of life. Our hearts have been so very full Lord, filled with trouble and strife. Jesus bring Your presence, fire deep inside."


 Days of Prayer
04/09/2017 13:26:09 GMT
Written by Admin

Seven times King and Parliament called the United Kingdom to prayer during WWII. Each time God answered by a remarkable miracle of deliverance.


 If My people will pray
29/08/2017 11:31:57 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

God can change this nation through prayer and repentance, but first we must prevail in prayer until God answers.


 Believe Jesus for a miracle
21/08/2017 16:20:14 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

Are you so full of pain and sickness that you are deaf to the voice of Jesus?


 Prayer Points: UK Day of Prayer
16/08/2017 11:19:34 GMT
Written by Admin

This is a brief outline to help you pray for Britain during the Day of Prayer, Worship and Fasting, Friday 8 September 2017.


 Believe the Word
14/08/2017 14:14:29 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

How difficult is is to really believe; to take Jesus at His Word often requires a faith beyond our ability to believe.


 Amazed by Jesus
07/08/2017 14:36:54 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

The disciples thought they knew who Jesus was: they had already worked with Him for some time and witnessed some of the most amazing miracles; they were the closest friends Jesus had. Yet something was to happen that night on the sea which caused them to question who Jesus really was; it was as if they had never known who He was before.


 Walking with Jesus
01/08/2017 14:44:15 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

Jesus wants to walk alongside you, to talk with you and ease your troubled mind.


 Day of Prayer: 8 September 2017
31/07/2017 16:14:19 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

Day of Prayer, Worship and Fasting for Britain, Friday 8 September.


 Close enough to touch
24/07/2017 14:09:23 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

You are never lost to Jesus; we might not be able to see Him because of the darkness surrounding us, but He knows exactly where we are. For so long, it was like there was a distance, as if we were separated. But now Jesus is so close, so near, you can talk to Him at any time. 'You once were far away from God, but now you have been brought near to Him because of what Jesus has done for you...' (Ephesians 2.13).


 Jesus is near
17/07/2017 14:23:09 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

For so many people Jesus is some distant person; I've got good news for you today, Jesus is called 'Emmanuel, God with us'.


 Jesus is close to you
04/07/2017 14:00:25 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

We all at times ask: 'Does God care? Does God understand?' I want in some way to encourage you; let me tell you how close Jesus is to you: just breathe in, Jesus is as close as the air that fills your lungs.


 Where is God?
16/06/2017 11:11:19 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

The hardest thing in your life and mine, when you are in the midst of a crisis, is to see Jesus.


 You can't have miracles without problems
12/06/2017 12:04:27 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

If you want to see miracles, God is going to use your problem, your difficulty, your crisis in order to work the miracle.


 God needs you involved in your miracle
05/06/2017 10:51:07 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

God always answers prayer! But in order to receive the answer, God needs us involved in the miracle.


 One minute before midnight
01/06/2017 10:31:08 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

In my life God so often answers one minute before midnight. One minute before the crisis erupts, when my need is the greatest.


 Ukraine Day of Prayer
25/05/2017 11:20:32 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

On Saturday 17 May, David Hathaway will be hosting a second National Day of Prayer in Kiev, Ukraine.


 Your darkest hour
22/05/2017 14:13:41 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

'If the light shall become night around me, even the darkness will not be dark to You; the night will shine like the day' (Ps 139.11-12)


 My God is Greater
15/05/2017 14:23:10 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

I like to boast about the power of my God because He is a God of miracles!


 Jesus is passing by
08/05/2017 14:31:22 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

The Jesus of the Bible is right there with you. God is not just in Heaven; God so loved you that He sent His Son to live as you live, to suffer and die, so that He would understand and identify with you.


 Who is Jesus?
02/05/2017 12:00:37 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

Most of us, even as believers, experience some powerful storms in our lives. That is why we need to know the reality of the Man who can conquer them.


 Jesus the Son of God
24/04/2017 14:14:21 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

I want you to understand the power and authority there is in the Name of Jesus. Power to heal every sickness - every cancer, every disease which is incurable by doctors. Jesus Christ can heal you.


 Rejoice, Jesus is Risen!
13/04/2017 11:10:11 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

"Because I live, you also will live... Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy." (John 14:19, 16:22)




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