September Newsletter
29/09/2014 10:35:30 GMT
Written by David Hathaway


 Poland Highlight Video
26/09/2014 16:56:16 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

Thank you for your prayer support for our evangelism in Poland. What God did was above and beyond all that I could have asked for. Together, we are partners in the spreading of the Gospel. The Psalmist David wrote: 'This is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.' We have compiled a special 1 minute video to highlight what God has done. 


21/12/2009 11:11:33 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

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4 October 2014: Echad One New Man Conference, Hitchin Christian Centre, Hitchin, SG5 1HF, 10am-9pm

12 October 2014: Charisma Eglise Chretienne, 10:30am

18 October 2014: National Christian Outreach Centre, Perth, PH1 1PR, 7.00pm

1 & 2 November 2014: The Oasis Christian Centre, Dwygyfylchi, nr Conwy

14 November 2014: Leadership Conference, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Newbridge, Gwent

15 November 2014: Evangelistic Ministry, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Newbridge, Gwent

16 November 2014: Sunday services, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Newbridge, Gwent

28 November 2014: Altrincham Aglow Christmas Dinner


 Baptism in the Holy Spirit
22/09/2014 16:09:08 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

The revolution when you are baptised in the Holy Spirit has to be life-transforming! In the Acts of the Apostles when the disciples received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, instantly they were no longer frightened and ineffective, but filled with boldness and fire! That's what we need today in our lives: a new boldness, a new authority, a new power. The baptism in the Holy Spirit is not just an anointing or feeling or emotional experience, but a life-changing revolution. 

From the moment I was baptised in the Holy Spirit, my whole life was transformed, not just by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but it was an absolute change! Saved, baptised in water, and now aged almost 14, that baptism was the greatest change of all, a revolution in my life! It changed my living, my thinking, my preaching, it was a physical and spiritual manifestation that was obvious wherever I went. 


 If from where you are
19/09/2014 15:47:04 GMT
Written by David Hathaway




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