Think God, think big!
26/05/2015 14:28:24 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

I have written in my office, 'Think God, think big!' How big is your God? My God has the greatest power in heaven, earth and the whole of creation. There is nothing He cannot do! For my God there is no miracle too big, no question too hard, nothing is impossible. The Bible says that the things which are impossible with man are possible for God.

It takes faith to possess all that God has given and act on it. Real faith does not come easily, it is a specific gift from God through the Holy Spirit and you can ask for it, as I do. First, you must come into an experience of receiving the Holy Spirit, then you can receive His gifts. In 1 Corinthians 12 there are nine gifts. One is speaking with other tongues, when you receive this, why not also ask for the gift of faith? If you will fight this spiritual battle, God will give a miracle - but choosing to have miracles is the hard way! Not many people have the faith to fight this battle and win. Spiritual warfare is not merely against the devil, it is also when you fight your own unbelief. My God answers prayer. If you are totally convinced, God CANNOT fail. But it takes a lot of faith to believe God to work miracles.

'Our God Reigns' used by kind permission of Vinesong


21/12/2009 11:11:33 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

24-hour webcasts and radio programmes:

6 June 2015, 3.00pm: Emmanuel Community Church, Duffield, DE56 4EQ

7 June 2015, 10.30am: Emmanuel Community Church, Duffield, DE56 4EQ

26-30 June 2015: Ukraine

August 2015: Vietnamese Summer Camp, Germany

29-30 August: Cornwall

11, 12, 13 September 2015: Bratislava Expo Pavilion, Slovakia 

18 September 2015: Hollybush Christian Fellowship, nr Thirsk, UK

19 September 2015: Echad One New Man Conference, Hitchin, UK

17-18 October 2015: Brighton

7 November 2015: Eastleigh

19, 20, 21 November 2015: Israel

7 December 2015: FGB, Southend-on-Sea, UK


 Israel, May 2015
12/05/2015 16:10:34 GMT
Written by SJ Morris

Monday 4 May - the two major TV companies in all Israel broadcast David's message live to the whole nation! This was a first ever in history! This was on Hot TV and Yes TV - the 2 major TV companies in Israel, the equivalent of Virgin Media and Sky in UK!


 Don't let the fire go out
11/05/2015 16:37:23 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

I was so excited when I read in Leviticus 6:13 that when the priests lit the fire they were told it must never go out! I received the fire of God when I was 13 and it has never gone out! I've seen too many people who allow the fire to fade, but if the fire is from God, the command is that you must not let it go out!


 Fire through Sacrifice
27/04/2015 14:21:38 GMT
Written by David Hathaway

Everyone wants the anointing, we all sit in prayer meetings, but few will make the sacrifice of a life devoted to God. There is a price to pay in service to God, there is a cross we have to carry.




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